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When logging in to your account, a safe way is to log in to the account on the same computer or mobile phone through the same browser. If you frequently sign in to your account on different devices through different browsers, your account activity may be considered suspicious and the service provider will disable your account.

Looks like I encountered an error (error #404) in mautic

Mar 25, 2018 · Clearing Mautic‘s cache usually solves this. Run rm -rf app/cache/prod/* in the Mautic root directory.. Another issue may be wrong URL. Double check

404 error after installation Mautic v3.0 · Issue #9141 …

Aug 27, 2020 · Aug 27, 2020 · 404 error after installation Mautic v3.0. #9141. After the installation, the Mautic portal is redirecting to /s/dashboard and the pay says 404 not found. then in prefix with I am able to get the Mautic login page. I think there is a problem with default .htaccess file.

ERROR | 404 | Auth Failed · Issue #2 · mautic/mautic …

Aug 26, 2017 · I have confirmed the the API and basic auth is enabled, and I’m running SSL. My server environment is: Mautic 2.9.2 Nginx Zapier Mautic v1.0.2 (have also tried all other Mautic versions in Zapier when configuring new connection, no success) Has anyone else experienced anything similar? (edited) Nginx access.log yields the following:

Authentication | Mautic

2) Service provider metadata – if a URL is requested, use If a file, then browse to that URL and save the content as an XML file. 3) Assertion consumer service – Use 4) Issuer – this should be provided by the IDP but is often configurable. If it is a URL, be sure that the scheme (http:// and https://) are not part of it.

Mautic Nginx Configuration · GitHub

Mautic Nginx Configuration. These files allow you to configure Mautic using Nginx. Raw. nginx-mautic.conf. server {. listen 443 ssl; # managed by Certbot. server_name your.mautic.location; root /your/mautic/path ; server_tokens off;

Mautic not working after clearing cache – mautic

Mautic forms not submiting on mautic pages, show "please wait" hot 11 Relative date segment filter (like -3 days/+3 days) doesn’t take into account Mautic timezone setting hot 10 403 Forbidden when submitting form hot 10

Managing pages | Mautic
  • As mentioned previously when viewing the page details you can also view the various translations and page variants which have been created. These variations are also useful when performing A/B testing. When creating/editing a landing page, there are the options to configure a language and translation parent. By selecting a translation parent, the current item is then considered to be a translation in the selected language of that parent item. If the contact has a preferred locale or browser set in an available tr…

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  • How to setup Mautic – The Complete Guide | Founder at work

    Jan 13, 2018 · Jan 13, 2018 · Login to MySQL. Create users with MySQL. Install PHP. PHP Extensions. You will also want to setup apache to make .php files a priority in file execution order. Download Mautic. Install composer. Create Apache Files. Edit Apache Files. Create SSL Certificates. Generate Certificate. Make logs folder. Enable site. Set the right permissions. PHP.ini Changes. Restart Apache

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