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When logging in to your account, a safe way is to log in to the account on the same computer or mobile phone through the same browser. If you frequently sign in to your account on different devices through different browsers, your account activity may be considered suspicious and the service provider will disable your account.

As an Anghami Plus user, you can benefit from listening to your favorite artists’ new songs exclusively on Anghami Plus. High quality music Play music in high-definition sound with Dolby 320 Kbps,

Anghami – The Sound of Freedom‎ – Get 1 month Plus for Free

All the music you love, all the freedom you need. Arabic and International in one place

Bring-in songs you have on your phone or other platforms even if they’re not on Anghami. Boost your Sound. Connect multiple devices together to play the same music at the same time. Rewind, Scrub & Repeat. Scrub to your favorite part, repeat songs and play music in the order you want. Get Anghami Plus.

You should not be Plus for the past 90 days. You should be a resident of the MENA region. You should have a valid Visa Card. You should not have already had a free trial.

Get Anghami Plus Login | Signup. Login | Signup. Play music. Help. Download app. Get Anghami Plus. Useful links Send gift. Redeem. Legal. Help. Company About. Team Anghami. Artist. Advertise. Press. Careers. Language. Thank you for downloading the Anghami desktop app Download Anghami Desktop App. Download now. Problem downloading? Try again …

Manage account – Anghami Help Center

Anghami Help Center. Manage account. Here are answers to some common questions about account management. You’ll find information about how to register, use, or update your account

Anghami – Play, discover & download new music. Stream music for free. Download Arabic & International songs & play offline.

Account being used somewhere else – Anghami Help Center…

Account being used somewhere else. If you see a message in the app that your account is being used somewhere else, it is likely you are logging in on a different device. You just need to select the device you’re currently using. Tip: If you want to play from one device to another, such the web player or Speaker or TV, you need to choose the …

Artist Connect – Anghami Help Center

What is Anghami for Artists Web? I’m an Artist. How do I publish the music I own on Anghami? How to claim my artist profile? I’m a label/distributor. How do i publish the music i own on Anghami? Is Anghami for Artists Web only in English? I can’t login to Anghami for Artists Web. Can you help? See all 9 ……

For just 7.49$ a month, you and 5 lucky people can now enjoy the Anghami Plus Family Plan. If your family loves music, you can now all subscribe to the Anghami Family plan. The family plan regroups up to six accounts on a single subscription. The best thing is, each person will have their own individual account, with their own libraries …

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